英語表表記 解説
AAA ASCII Adjust After Addition Adjust AL to ASCII after addition
AAD ASCII Adjust AX Before Division Adjust ASCII before division
AAM ASCII Adjust AX After Multiply Adjustment after BCD multiplication
AAS ASCII Adjust AL After Subtraction Adjust AL to ASCII after subtraction
ADC Add with Caryy Add Carrie and add up.
ADD Add Add(加算する)
AND Logical AND AND operation(論理積)
ARPL Adjust RPL Field of Segment Selector Adjust the RPL of r/m16 to less than the RPL of r16



英語表表記 解説
BOUND Check Array Index Against Bounds Check if the array index is within the specified range of m16& 16
BSF Bit Scan Forward Bit scan in forward direction
BSR Bit Scan Reverse Bit scan in the reverse direction
BSWAP Byte Swap Reversing the byte order of 32-bit registers
BT Bit Test Store the selected bits in the CF flag
BTC Bit Test and Complement Store the selected bits in the CF flag and take the complement
BTR Bit Test and Reset Store and clear the selected bits in the CF flag
BTS Bit Test and Set Store and set the selected bits in the CF flag



英語表表記 解説
CALL Call Procedure Call the specified address.
CBW Convert Byte to Word Sign extension
CDQ Convert Doubleword to Quadword Sign extension
CLC Clear Carry Flag Clear the CF flag
CLD Clear Direction Flag Clear the DF flag
CLI Clear Interrupt Flag Clear the interrupt flag
CLTS Clear Task-Switched Flag in CR0 Clear the TS flag of CR0
CMC Complement Carry Flag Invert the state of the CF flag
CM Compare Two Operands Make a comparison
CMPS/CMPSB/CMPSW/CMPSD Compare String Operands Compare strings
CMPXCHG Compare and Exchange Compare values and exchange values
CMPXCHG8B Compare and Exchange 8 Bytes Compare 64-bit values and exchange values
CPUID CPU Identification Obtain processor identification and functional information
CWD Convert Word to Doubleword Sign extension
CWDE Convert Word to Doubleword Sign extension



英語表表記 解説
DAA Decimal Adust AL after Addition Decimal adjustment after addition
DAS Decimal Adjust AL after Subtraction Decimal adjustment after subtraction
DEC Decrement by 1 Decrement (subtract 1)
DIV Unsigned Divide Perform unsigned division



英語表表記 解説
ENTER Make Stack Frame for Procedure Parameters Create a stack frame



英語表表記 解説
FWAIT Wait Check for unmasked floating point exceptions in the lookup process



英語表表記 解説
HLT Halt Put the processor into HALT state



英語表表記 解説
IDIV Signed Divide 符号付き減算
IMUL Signed Multiply 符号付き乗算
IN Input From Port ポートからの入力を受ける
INC Increment by 1 1加算する
INS/INSB/INSW/INSD Input from Port to String ポーチからの文字列を受ける
INT/INT3/INTO Call to Interrupt Procedure 割り込み処理を呼び出す
INVD Invalid Cache キャッシュを無効化
INVLPG Invalid TLB Entry TLBエントリ無効化
IRET/IRETD Interrupt Return 割り込み処理から復帰